About me

I'm a consultant who helps organisations through leaders and teams understand the difficult problems hindering performance and develop opportunities that matter. I work on facilitating learning experiences so people aren't dependent, allowing them to build their own productive pathways to capability and sustainable change.

I've worked heavily with Technology groups, Customer facing teams, and all levels of Leadership in many types of organisations and industries.

Starting out as a Bank Officer in the late 1980's then as Software Technical Lead by the dot com boom, I moved to Sydney and worked for the successful fintech tyro payments as a team of founding engineers until settling at ThoughtWorks Australia.

As a Principal Transformation Consultant at ThoughtWorks, I work on organisational change efforts, help our teams do the best they can for our clients, and lead programmes of work.

I spend my professional learning time researching the theories and methods that are effective in leading, learning and changing individuals, customers, teams, and organisations. Researching fields such as Psychology and Statisitics for insights to improve my capability.

I follow the work of Edgar H. Schein, Ian MacDonald, J. Richard Hackman, Chris Argyris, W. Edward Deming, Donald H. Wheeler, John Seddon, Roger Schwarz, Bob Moesta, and the psychoanalytic community.

I've actively founded two meet-up groups in Perth and Melbourne:

I've presented at Agile Australia, various meet-ups, and presented at these events:

And a current student at the Australia Centre for Psychoanalysis

Find my current CV here